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JK- Wedding freelance wedding planner in Mauritius
Wedding planner
Freelance wedding planner in Mauritius

I am a freelance wedding planner in Mauritius since 2018 and owner of JK wedding. My main background is tourism and hotel industry and ranked up to F&B operation manager. Since I join in the tourism industry in 2004 I sharped my knowledge and gain a massive experience with the different five star hotel groups in different countries.

Organizing weddings and events at the past in the tourism industry as a event organizer, I sharped my knowledge and experience of event management. Receiving excellent feedback and appreciations from the extremely happy couples and customers lead me to start my own wedding planner service.

All of those amazing experiences collect together now in Mauritius as a  “JK Wedding Planner”.


As Mauritius is a beautiful jewel island in the Indian Ocean, this little paradise is the best place for romantic, weddings and I always enjoy helping people to celebrate their life.

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