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Complete formality procedures and required documents for the marriage of two non-citizens

What you should do: 

You should send us the scan copy of the below document only. Rest of the all we'll take care.

I. Scan copy of each birth certificate drawn up in English or French. 

II. Scan copy of each passport (the first three pages only).

III. Scan copy of Relevant documents in respect of divorce, widow/widower or change of name.

IV. In addition to the above documents, a French national should produce a "Certificat de capacité de marriage“

The date of the issue of all the documents to be forwarded should not be more than 3 months of the date of the wedding and should bear the seal. All the documents must be in English or French. If not you should provide the certified translated copy.

We will organize:

For a civil wedding of a non-citizen couple, should submit the application and all the document to central civil status office, 7th floor, Emmanuel Anquetil building, port Louis at least six weeks before the intended date of marriage.


The couple should be present on the central civil status office at Port Louis for verification of original documents at least one working days before the wedding date. The couple will be accompanied by a representative of the JK Wedding. The civil marriage may be celebrated after one day of publication.​


After verification of documents at the central civil status office at Port Louis, the couple has to go the regional civil status office of the wedding ceremony place, in order to meet the area civil officer. The couple will be accompanied by a representative of JK Wedding.


Two witnesses are required to be present at the time of the marriage ceremony. If you are traveling alone JK Wedding will organize two witnesses for you.

The intending spouses who are not conversant in English/French should solicit the services of a translator, who will be required to swear an affidavit in the supreme court of Mauritius.


​Bride if divorced, the wedding shall take place after 300 days of pronouncing of divorced.  If the wedding will take place before 300 days, should provide the negative pregnancy test report and it has to be apostle if the report issued out of Mauritius.​

You should note that if you are French citizens,  need to contact the French embassy concerning the other formalities.​​

Post Wedding Procedures:

Next working day after the wedding, we will collect the civil wedding certificate from the regional civil status office and get it apostle in the Prime Minister's office in Port-Louis. If you already departure from Mauritius we will organize to send it by courier service.

Important note:

For the civil marriage of noncitizens should declare the marriage visa at the immigration of Mauritius airport.

You should be in the Mauritius minimum of 02 working days prior to the wedding date.

You should bring all the original documents with you for verification.

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